Monday, March 2, 2009

Left, Right, Left, Right.... you're toothless.. people say Ms. J is ruthless!!

OK - so I wasn't sure if I was going to blog this 30 day challenge or not.. but I am. I will just print up the blog and paste it into my nerdy yoga/ dance diary after!

Today is day two. Let me give a brief summary of day one: I took the 4pm class with Danny. He is one of my favourite teachers at Westcoast Hot yoga. I had been sick all weekend - well.. the past few weeks but in bed all weekend - so I wasn't feeling too up to yoga.. or standing. But.. it was day one and I had to go. I just said to myself - as long as I go.. I don't care if I just lay there. I didn't just lay there.. but I did lay down after my first triangle - dizzy and nauseous. I picked it back up after the savasana but I left out camel.

I have recently pulled my right hamstring - an old injury from 1988 - but I pulled it again at the end of January. I had 10 laser treatments during February and it has healed up so nice. This is my month for gaining back my flexibility.

OK - let's hit day two!
Today I took the 8pm class with Heather. She is also an awesome teacher. She speaks clearly and travels around the classroom with ease helping out the newer students with their postures. She encourages everybody to push themselves and not just to be satisfied with where they are. (But not too pushy.. although I like pushy!)

Anywho - the class was super packed sardine style. It was hot and I came out like a prune after suction cupping to my soaking, sweaty towel. Eww.. but true. I didn't miss any postures.. I don't think.. wait.. I think I missed one balancing stick.. cause I was blowing my nose.. My hammy - so nice today.. I did standing head to knee with my right leg for the first time since it has been hurt. YEAH!

Besides regaining my right ham flexibility, I am also trying to use my opposite grip - not only for the second set.. but for both... just to make if more comfortable - not noticeable. I figure I have been using it the one way for so long - why just use it every second set?

One thing I would like to get out there... is I wish that this studio would teach the yoga rules. If students aren't taught.. how will they know that they are even being rude? What if they go take a class in a different country? Don't you want them to represent you well? Don't you want those people in turn to want to come to Vancouver and try our yoga studios - speaking highly of our training? Tell the students not to leave before the teacher. Tell them not to make noises in the studio - sighs and bedroom type noises. Tell them not to come late. Tell them not to leave or return and if you have to - do not do so during a posture - especially a back bending one - very dangerous for the other students.

OK - till tomorrow! YOGA NERD signing out!

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