Saturday, March 21, 2009

Day 21 - I am sick of yoga!!! I don't want to be here!!

Hahaha!! Ok - today I did Patricia's 4pm class. It was full. Margaret was there.. yeah!! The other girl who filled my water bottle.. a long time ago - was beside me - awesome. Jacqui was taking the class. It was a good class. It was hot. Patricia doesn't let me cheat - and when I would leave a posture early - I would make a oops face and she would point it out.. and make us stay longer in the next pose... or at least she pretended she was going to. She worked on everyone's sit-ups - keeping the feet on the floor and rolling through the spine as opposed to using momentum. It was a good class and I am happy that it is done! I am looking forward to being done this challenge - but I am sure that this is just one of the stages that people go through in a challenge- the I don't want to do this stage - and I will get past it and be happy at yoga again!

LATER - I am going to eat!

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