Thursday, March 19, 2009

Class 18 and 19 - Day 19... Kenyans - don't think - just run!

WOW! Today I did something that I never thought I would be able to do! I did two hot yoges in a row! WHOO HOO!!! Kick a goal! High can can kicks all around! And.. no dia.. no stomach problems... whoo hoo! Happy love love!!

So, the first class I took was Katherine's 12pm. Today was special because the power went out about 5 minutes before class began and it stayed out until standing bow. So, we had special lights, no heat, and no fan. Don't think that this made it cool though.. it was hot in there and I was sweating the whole time! It was fun to do the class in the dim light.

Katherine is a runner. She must have done some training with Kenyans because she gave us some advice from them. Their advice is not to think. The white people think about their heart rate, their stride, think think think - what you need to do is just run. This applies to yoga as well - just breathe and do your yoga - don't think - don't listen to your brain telling you that it is too hot, or too scary, or too hard. Just do it. (Hey - maybe the Kenyans influenced Nike? hehehe!)

I only drank one bottle of water in this class too. Which is good - but I have to thank my gum surgery and my ginger drinking skills - the non- ability to gulp - Two goals in one day!

After class - I had a shower, changed - and went back into the studio. (I used the almond soap in my hair because it said it makes it grow long!) Anywho - the second class was Angela's 2pm. I went in the class with the attitude that if I wanted to.. I could lay down the whole time. BUT - I didn't have to! I ran out during the second set of standing bow to pee... and was back in time for balancing stick. I didn't push myself - but I think I did pretty well for being STARVING!!!

As for my hammy - I am not happy that it is still so stiff. I thought that by now I could have regained more flexibility - but maybe I am asking too much - these things take time. When I get back to school next week, my priority will be to talk to Shannon about WCB and get them to pay for my laser.. and then get myself back to the laser clinic for a few more sessions! YEAH!

OK - going to eat with CRYSTAL!!! LATER SKATERS!!

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