Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Day 4 - Bonding!

Today I took Angela's 8pm class. Today was great because you can feel that people are starting to get to know each other better. Or maybe, I am starting to get to know people better. I had a field trip today - Harry the bus driver rocked! - the substitute that taught for me, Melanie, came to yoga!! YEAH! That is one new yoga buddy right there! Then there was the girl beside me who stood right next to me.. and then moved closer and closer.. I just tried to deal with the invasion of my bubble with a smile.. but it was kinda funny. It was even funnier when another newish yoga friend also noticed. This 30 day challenge is really bringing people closer together.

It was a good class. It was not as hot as yesterday - but it was still HOT and FULL! My hammy is making me happy with its progress. ... ok.. I am going to bed!! More tomorrow!

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