Monday, March 23, 2009

Day 23 - Thirsty - baby bring it over here - chang chang..

Well - I am pretty stoked that this is my last week of yoga! Today was my first day back to school after spring break. Getting up was not as hard as I thought it would be. My sleepiness hit me around last block. When I got home, I ate, empty the dishwasher and the dryer - then I could feel my eyes falling down and stinging. So, I set my alarm and read my book - well about two pages - then fell into a drooly nap. 49 minutes of bliss. Then.. I had to get up and go to yoga. Grrr!!!

I took Heather's 8pm class. (I would have taken the 6 if it wasn't a flow class - then I could have gone to bed earlier... but whatever... tomorrow I can take the 6!)

Heather noticed that my hips were uneven - I knew this - it is because of the hamstring. She gave me some good alternatives to try next time. I am stoked to try and stretch out the sore side. I can't wait till it is back to normal.

I was really thirsty this class. No tummy problems though!

7 more classes!! YES!!!

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