Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day 5 - Oh No!! Ayumi... Sorry!!!

Today I took the 4pm with Ayumi. I am always stoked to get out of school right away and make it to a 4pm class. I can eat dinner and do laundry.. and chill after yoga - it is nice. And... today was a really beautiful, sunny day. I walked down Helmcken and smiled into the sun. I didn't want to go inside. (I wanted to sit on a patio with friends and eat and drink!.. it is not summer yet!)

It was a small class today. This was nice because the past few days have been so packed. I still ended up with someone beside me who didn't understand the stagger rule.. but it was all good. Even with all the empty space.. she just wanted to be grumpy beside me. I smiled at her many times - but no love - just grump master flex!

Anywho - good class- during the last pose - Ayumi came to push me down.. and I had to tell her no.. and I felt so bad... but my hamstring is still not good. I feel bad because I usually like that.. LOVE THAT.. but I can't take the risk right now. I am already pushing myself harder than ... well.. not too hard.. but I am trying to get back to normal gumby P!

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