Friday, March 6, 2009

Day 6 - SMILE :)

This has been such a busy week - and today.. a busy day! I took Leo's 8pm class. Margaret was there - so that was awesome. The grump from yesterday had done the class before me and she was happy and nice and all good in the change room! Maybe she was just having a bad day yesterday. YEAH! I am happy that she was happy today. I wasn't really into class and I was kinda fidgety - I had the Rye Rye dance and song in my head. It is my new favourite dance - I can't wait till it is done - it is going to ROCK! That is where my focus was all class - maybe I just couldn't get into it because I was just going over moves and singing in my head and thinking about all the stuff I have to do and in what I order I plan to do it in... etc. I definitely wasn't thinking about belly rising belly falling. Then I was thinking about why is everyone so serious looking in yoga? HAHAa... I remember Tonya - from the Cambie studio - used to make us all smile - I remember her reminding us that it is just yoga - smile - don't take it so serious... enjoy it. Anywho - I am going to BED! Tomorrow I will focus!

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