Sunday, March 29, 2009


I am sitting here with a slurpee and an empty bag of five cent candies!! MMMMM!!!
Friday I did the 2pm class with Bethanne. I have only had her a couple of times. I didn't try at all in this class. I partied the night before.. so I just was happy to make it though. I was glad to get it done.

Today, Sunday, I did three classes!! I did Erin's 12pm Flow class. I am starting to like these flow classes. They are different and because of that - challenging. It is fun trying to learn new poses.

After that - I came home and ate - and chilled for a bit - made some videos for school...

Then I went back to yoges and took Danny's 4 and 6pm class. I thought that the 6 was going to be a YIN class. I thought I could finish this challenge with a combo - but it was a hot!! So I did it. I was feeling good and healthy - the first class was no problem.. and neither was the second! I was really, really, super sweaty though.. ewwwww!!! I even changed and showered between the two.. but.. still..

Now.. I am home.. and sipping on my slurpee!! YEAH!!

I was planning on writing a whole lot more - about what I learned and all that crap - over the month - but I am pooped! Bed time!! All I will say is that I am glad it is done... and I am glad that I did it!

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