Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 13 - Friday Focus - Spring Break focus.. equals no yoga focus!!

Day 13 is done! I am pooped!! I did Andrea's 4pm class. I hate her bell.. that she dings.. but I really like her. She was awesome. I have only had her a handful of times... so I wasn't really familiar with her.. but I really enjoyed today's class.

I could not focus though. I was thinking about dance - the dance competition yesterday - how I am getting bored of yoga and I need to get back to Harbour - first day of spring break and all the stuff I wanna get done.. and trying to plan that out.. before the week disappears... I was thinking about my hammy and my lower back.. and I just want to be pain free and back to normal me... anywho.. day 13 done! Bring on day 14~!!! bring on sleeping in!!

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