Sunday, March 29, 2009


I am sitting here with a slurpee and an empty bag of five cent candies!! MMMMM!!!
Friday I did the 2pm class with Bethanne. I have only had her a couple of times. I didn't try at all in this class. I partied the night before.. so I just was happy to make it though. I was glad to get it done.

Today, Sunday, I did three classes!! I did Erin's 12pm Flow class. I am starting to like these flow classes. They are different and because of that - challenging. It is fun trying to learn new poses.

After that - I came home and ate - and chilled for a bit - made some videos for school...

Then I went back to yoges and took Danny's 4 and 6pm class. I thought that the 6 was going to be a YIN class. I thought I could finish this challenge with a combo - but it was a hot!! So I did it. I was feeling good and healthy - the first class was no problem.. and neither was the second! I was really, really, super sweaty though.. ewwwww!!! I even changed and showered between the two.. but.. still..

Now.. I am home.. and sipping on my slurpee!! YEAH!!

I was planning on writing a whole lot more - about what I learned and all that crap - over the month - but I am pooped! Bed time!! All I will say is that I am glad it is done... and I am glad that I did it!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day 26!!! DONE!! WHOO HOO!!

I took Samantha's 4pm yoga today. It was great. My hamstring is doing sooooo much better. I am in love with my hamstring right now! I had an easy class again. Four classes left to go - YO!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day 25 - Happy Birthday Carrie!!!! Birthday Break Dance PARTAAAAAAAY!!!! Awesome Yoga TODAY!! WHOOO HOOO!!!

Today is Carrie's birthday and she brought her grade 3/4 class to my boys' dance class and we had a break dance birthday party. It was awesome! YEAH! I took Angela's 8pm class. I had a great class. I can touch my head to my knee on the right side now. I am so stoked! I think it is because it is an evening class. I have been dancing all day and was pretty warmed up. During the spring break - I would wake up and the first thing I would do was yoga and I would be stiff and crunchy - but then again - some days I did two classes and I still couldn't touch my head to my knee on the sore hammy side. Maybe I am just getting better!! NO WAY!! YEAH!!! WHOOO HOOO!!! Class was easy and fun today.. well not fun.. but because I wasn't struggling it was fun! I had Jacqui beside me... one of the teachers.. and she has dope star tattos on her feet.. and that just made me happy the whole class.

Five more days!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Today I took Heather's 6pm class. I had a great class. I got there early. I laid on my mat and fell asleep - I am pooped from back to school schedule. When the lights came on - Margaret was behind me.. yeah!! and Katherine - mu favourite teacher - was one body down from me. My goal for this class was to try to use the opposite grip for the first set of all grippy postures. I did that for the first two.. and then forgot about it. I remembered again after the savasana. I remembered to change my grip for the next posture.. but forgot again after that. Oh well! I guess it is still a goal. I was having too much fun thinking - I can't believe I am having a great class and I feel good. I thought I was going to hate yoga forever!! hehe!!

Carrie's Breakdance Birthday Party TOMORROW!!!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Day 23 - Thirsty - baby bring it over here - chang chang..

Well - I am pretty stoked that this is my last week of yoga! Today was my first day back to school after spring break. Getting up was not as hard as I thought it would be. My sleepiness hit me around last block. When I got home, I ate, empty the dishwasher and the dryer - then I could feel my eyes falling down and stinging. So, I set my alarm and read my book - well about two pages - then fell into a drooly nap. 49 minutes of bliss. Then.. I had to get up and go to yoga. Grrr!!!

I took Heather's 8pm class. (I would have taken the 6 if it wasn't a flow class - then I could have gone to bed earlier... but whatever... tomorrow I can take the 6!)

Heather noticed that my hips were uneven - I knew this - it is because of the hamstring. She gave me some good alternatives to try next time. I am stoked to try and stretch out the sore side. I can't wait till it is back to normal.

I was really thirsty this class. No tummy problems though!

7 more classes!! YES!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day 22! Mindfulness?

I took Danny's 4pm. It was a good class. I like how he says, "Good work everybody!"

8 more days!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Day 21 - I am sick of yoga!!! I don't want to be here!!

Hahaha!! Ok - today I did Patricia's 4pm class. It was full. Margaret was there.. yeah!! The other girl who filled my water bottle.. a long time ago - was beside me - awesome. Jacqui was taking the class. It was a good class. It was hot. Patricia doesn't let me cheat - and when I would leave a posture early - I would make a oops face and she would point it out.. and make us stay longer in the next pose... or at least she pretended she was going to. She worked on everyone's sit-ups - keeping the feet on the floor and rolling through the spine as opposed to using momentum. It was a good class and I am happy that it is done! I am looking forward to being done this challenge - but I am sure that this is just one of the stages that people go through in a challenge- the I don't want to do this stage - and I will get past it and be happy at yoga again!

LATER - I am going to eat!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Day 20 - I took the elevator to the 2nd floor!

Whoa! Today was a STRUGGLE!!! I have no idea why... yesterday seemed like nothing.. and I did two in a row.. but today.. I was struggling! I hated today. Anywho - it is done and there are only ten days left. YEAH! I took Danny's 12pm class. The girl who stands beside the door .. I think her name is Gina.. we had a nice chat today. There is also the girl that looks like Kerry Burgess but with different hair - she is smiley and nice.. and there is the older lady who kicks bikram ass beside me - good people in class today. The two .. I am guessing.. but I think Mexican girls from yesterday were back today too. The one of them is super smiley and tries really hard.

Today was rough for me - I was a bit dizzy so I only did one set of tree, standing bow, standing separate leg, and triangle - then I laid down. I did everything else - but was so sweaty and so hot today - just not into it. I guess it is catching up with me?

When I was walking home.. I was walking SLOW! Then I saw the elevator on M - I went for it. I took the elevator to the second floor - frivolous!


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Class 18 and 19 - Day 19... Kenyans - don't think - just run!

WOW! Today I did something that I never thought I would be able to do! I did two hot yoges in a row! WHOO HOO!!! Kick a goal! High can can kicks all around! And.. no dia.. no stomach problems... whoo hoo! Happy love love!!

So, the first class I took was Katherine's 12pm. Today was special because the power went out about 5 minutes before class began and it stayed out until standing bow. So, we had special lights, no heat, and no fan. Don't think that this made it cool though.. it was hot in there and I was sweating the whole time! It was fun to do the class in the dim light.

Katherine is a runner. She must have done some training with Kenyans because she gave us some advice from them. Their advice is not to think. The white people think about their heart rate, their stride, think think think - what you need to do is just run. This applies to yoga as well - just breathe and do your yoga - don't think - don't listen to your brain telling you that it is too hot, or too scary, or too hard. Just do it. (Hey - maybe the Kenyans influenced Nike? hehehe!)

I only drank one bottle of water in this class too. Which is good - but I have to thank my gum surgery and my ginger drinking skills - the non- ability to gulp - Two goals in one day!

After class - I had a shower, changed - and went back into the studio. (I used the almond soap in my hair because it said it makes it grow long!) Anywho - the second class was Angela's 2pm. I went in the class with the attitude that if I wanted to.. I could lay down the whole time. BUT - I didn't have to! I ran out during the second set of standing bow to pee... and was back in time for balancing stick. I didn't push myself - but I think I did pretty well for being STARVING!!!

As for my hammy - I am not happy that it is still so stiff. I thought that by now I could have regained more flexibility - but maybe I am asking too much - these things take time. When I get back to school next week, my priority will be to talk to Shannon about WCB and get them to pay for my laser.. and then get myself back to the laser clinic for a few more sessions! YEAH!

OK - going to eat with CRYSTAL!!! LATER SKATERS!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day 17 - Class 17 - St. Patrick's Day!

I took Patricia's 9:30am class. She rocks. It was really hot today and my stomach was not feeling so hot at the end of the class. I think I will stick to just one class today!! Now.. EAT!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Class 16 - Day 16... Mantra: Relax, Focus, Strength/ Spring Break List

I am sitting in my comfy bed, with a slurpee, and I keep plugging my nose and blowing cause it is plugged with sweat... and I just want it to unpop!! I love Katherine's classes - she is my favourite teacher .. and I think it is because she used to teach at the Cambie studio. She rocks. She ran on a 5km on Saturday in the rain, wind, cold - and she had a mantra that repeated over and over in her head so that she would continue and not quit - and that was relax, focus, strength. I like her mantra. I should try to think of my own though. Today, two classes felt like it was a bit much. Maybe because I did them so close together.. maybe I was just pooped.. maybe I was just thirsty??? Anyways - done and tomorrow is another day.. I am going to try to do two again.. but hopefully farther apart. I will wake up earlier. I need to make a list for spring break too.. of all the things I want to do.. before spring break is over and I don't get any of it done! Maybe I will do that now.. right here:

OK -
Clean the house
Choreograph the Monkey dance
Choreograph the Jay-Z dance - and fix the music.
Get new yoga shorts
Get new running shoes
Go for a run
Go to Harbour
Download books with Dad in Langley
Hang out with Belle
go to the dentist
Download new music
Download ABDC

I think that is it!!! That is a lot.. I better get on that!! TOMORROW!!!

Class 15 - Day 16!! Sooooo Sleepy!!

I was so tired yesterday - and cold - we went to the St. Patty's Day Parade.. in the rain and the snow.. and I don't think I have been that cold in a long time! I came home and crawled into my duvet and slept! I slept till 8pm then got up and ate and slept till 9am! Then I ate some toast and slept till 11:30am - then I finally got up and took Leo's 12pm class. I felt so crunchy from all of the sleeping... It was a good class. I was pretty focused - but that could be because I was still groggy from too much sleep. I didn't miss any postures. I have eaten and rinsed off.. and now I am going to read and then go and take the 4pm with Katherine - because I slept through yesterdays... so much for getting ahead during spring break!! I am just trying to keep up. I want to bank some classes this week in case I need a day off when I go back to school!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day 14 - Grayson!!!

Grayson was there today - it was our first class together!! yeah!! We took Jacqui's 2pm class. She cut off her dread locks!! The short hair must feel fresh. It was a good class. My stomach has been bugging me since yesterday. I made it through the class though. I hope my stomach feels better soon - cause it is annoying!! I met a yogi today that is on his 53rd day of the 60 day challenge!! OMG! That makes my day 14 - seem like nothing!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 13 - Friday Focus - Spring Break focus.. equals no yoga focus!!

Day 13 is done! I am pooped!! I did Andrea's 4pm class. I hate her bell.. that she dings.. but I really like her. She was awesome. I have only had her a handful of times... so I wasn't really familiar with her.. but I really enjoyed today's class.

I could not focus though. I was thinking about dance - the dance competition yesterday - how I am getting bored of yoga and I need to get back to Harbour - first day of spring break and all the stuff I wanna get done.. and trying to plan that out.. before the week disappears... I was thinking about my hammy and my lower back.. and I just want to be pain free and back to normal me... anywho.. day 13 done! Bring on day 14~!!! bring on sleeping in!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Today I skipped school and took Leo's 9:30 am class. My back is killing me.. above the Hammy.. in my but and lower back... sucks. My stomach was not good either.. no more eating Que Pasa bean borritos from 711!! Dance competition at the River Rock later.. was all I could focus on. I am looking forward to tomorrows practice... when spring break begins and I can forget about school for a while! O.. and the kids did really well at the competition tonight.. it was a great show.. THANKS for coming mom!!! I will put up some pictures and videos tomorrow!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Day 11

I took Angela's 8pm class this evening. Margaret was there beside me.. that was good. I also had a funny guy beside me.. hehe.. he tried really hard but you could tell it was a struggle but he was happy. It was a good class. It wasn't as packed as yesterday. It was comfortable. I mean as comfortable as hot yoga can be.

K.. bed!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Class 9 and 10 - Day 10!! FLOW yoga is sweaty!

Today - Tuesday- I took Heather's 6pm Hot yoga and 8pm Flow yoga... both classes were packed! Hot yoga had... 52 people in it? We were all Japanese sandwiches. It was way too hot for me.. and I gave up and made friends with my mat! I did all of the standing series except for tree because that is when the dizzies hit me.

On a good note... my hammy is getting so much better!! I could almost straighten my knee in pada hatasana.

The second class - flow yoga - I have only taken it once before.. but it was good. I didn't remember it being that sweaty.. but again.. there were a lot of people there. I like doing the back bends but I don't like ooooommeeeing... hahhaa.. I didn't oam? ome? Ohm? You know what I mean... it reminds me of the lesbian couple in Costa Rica in the shower... they were Oaming together.. hahahahah.. EWWWWW!!


Saturday, March 7, 2009

Class 8 - Day 7!!!! HOLLLAAAAAAAA!!

Jaqui's 2pm - She smiled the whole time. First time I ever did two hots in one day. DONE!

Day 7 - I wish I could download my brain...

I think of so many good things to write when I am laying there in yoges.. and then when I get back here I just want to get it over with and eat.. or run out the door.. or .. I don't know.. and then I can't remember all the good things that I wanted to say. If I could just download my brain when I got back.. it would be so much faster. I betcha one day we will be able to do that. I remember when I used to run a lot - I would choreograph music videos in my head - those would have been good to download too. Anywho- Whenever I write anywho I always think of my friend Rachel from Hawaii - we met in Costa Rica and surfed together.. sat behind the waves and had good chats.. I think mostly about Sailor Moon and Sea Turtles - but not the kind of sea turtles that Jason Ellis talks about. Anywho -there it goes again... Rachel passed too early at 21 - fighting cancer... and she had named her cancer TINA.. and she would say, "Tina is growing.. but I am going to kick Tina's fat ass!" Aww.... sad...

So, I took Christine's 8am class today. She is awesome and calm. It is weird how I will write something one day and then the next day it is addressed in some way. For example: Grumpy girl being nice and then today Christine spoke a lot about focus. At the very start she told us to pick something to focus on - like our breath. Then during savasana she reminded us about focusing again. Just what I needed... except for.. I kept thinking about focus and how I couldn't focus yesterday and then what make me not focus and how I could fix that and then all the times today I was not focussed and what I was thinking about during those times... which is really not ... focussed!! hehehe! Today I was thinking about: My grip - it is good to reverse your grip and I was thinking I have done it the one way for so long why don't I just do it always reversed for a while till that way feels normal and then go back and do it one side one way and the other the other? Then I was thinking is that right or should I just switch back and forth everytime? Then I was thinking about doing the 2pm class because then I could party tonight and not worry about tomorrow - It is Crystal's birthday and that will be a gong show..and I would like to be a gong in that show.. not try to be good!! She also is going to dress up - so I thought.. maybe I should do that too. Then I thought my feet will get cold. Then I thought I will dress up as long as it doesn't snow. Then I thought I would rather be comfortable and no one will expect be to dress up anyways. Which made me really want to dress up and feel pretty and look pretty. Then I thought about what I was going to wear and I remembered those high heels hurt my feet and I feel like a clip clop horse walking in them. But then I thought.. burlesque show.. I could take them off when we are watching the show and be very comfortable. Then I wondered.. about what bra I could wear under that dress... that the straps would match or that it somehow wouldn't be seen... and what am I going to get Crystal for her birthday? I was thinking of going to Beauty Mark or that underwear store by my house.. and seeing what the pretty girls have to say in there.. I am sure they can suggest something Crystallllly... and I can't believe I went this far.. but I thought about my hair and how nice it would be to have soft curls.. and how I could make that happen.. pink rollers from the old days?? I would have to buy a curling iron??? and would I use hairspray? I know why I don't dress up.. it seems like too much work and I have hardly done it.. so it is even harder because I am not good at it! Lastly, I kept thinking about food and what I would eat and when I would eat.. so I could make it back in time for the 2pm class. I only have pasta at my house.. I want other stuff.. but I don't feel like shopping.. I will just eat pasta... now that I think of it I am starving now.. I am going to go and eat.. but you can see how FOCUS.. in yoga class is something I REALLY need to work on!

O ya.. here is the RYE RYE dance I couldn't stop choreographing in my head last night at yoga:

Friday, March 6, 2009

Day 6 - SMILE :)

This has been such a busy week - and today.. a busy day! I took Leo's 8pm class. Margaret was there - so that was awesome. The grump from yesterday had done the class before me and she was happy and nice and all good in the change room! Maybe she was just having a bad day yesterday. YEAH! I am happy that she was happy today. I wasn't really into class and I was kinda fidgety - I had the Rye Rye dance and song in my head. It is my new favourite dance - I can't wait till it is done - it is going to ROCK! That is where my focus was all class - maybe I just couldn't get into it because I was just going over moves and singing in my head and thinking about all the stuff I have to do and in what I order I plan to do it in... etc. I definitely wasn't thinking about belly rising belly falling. Then I was thinking about why is everyone so serious looking in yoga? HAHAa... I remember Tonya - from the Cambie studio - used to make us all smile - I remember her reminding us that it is just yoga - smile - don't take it so serious... enjoy it. Anywho - I am going to BED! Tomorrow I will focus!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day 5 - Oh No!! Ayumi... Sorry!!!

Today I took the 4pm with Ayumi. I am always stoked to get out of school right away and make it to a 4pm class. I can eat dinner and do laundry.. and chill after yoga - it is nice. And... today was a really beautiful, sunny day. I walked down Helmcken and smiled into the sun. I didn't want to go inside. (I wanted to sit on a patio with friends and eat and drink!.. it is not summer yet!)

It was a small class today. This was nice because the past few days have been so packed. I still ended up with someone beside me who didn't understand the stagger rule.. but it was all good. Even with all the empty space.. she just wanted to be grumpy beside me. I smiled at her many times - but no love - just grump master flex!

Anywho - good class- during the last pose - Ayumi came to push me down.. and I had to tell her no.. and I felt so bad... but my hamstring is still not good. I feel bad because I usually like that.. LOVE THAT.. but I can't take the risk right now. I am already pushing myself harder than ... well.. not too hard.. but I am trying to get back to normal gumby P!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Day 4 - Bonding!

Today I took Angela's 8pm class. Today was great because you can feel that people are starting to get to know each other better. Or maybe, I am starting to get to know people better. I had a field trip today - Harry the bus driver rocked! - the substitute that taught for me, Melanie, came to yoga!! YEAH! That is one new yoga buddy right there! Then there was the girl beside me who stood right next to me.. and then moved closer and closer.. I just tried to deal with the invasion of my bubble with a smile.. but it was kinda funny. It was even funnier when another newish yoga friend also noticed. This 30 day challenge is really bringing people closer together.

It was a good class. It was not as hot as yesterday - but it was still HOT and FULL! My hammy is making me happy with its progress. ... ok.. I am going to bed!! More tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Day 3 - I am happy I can see the TV from my TOILET!!!!!

So - I had to cancel my hot date tonight! My bottom has been exploding for 40 minutes now. Gross. Sorry.

Today I took the 6pm with Heather. There were 14 people in my row and there were three rows - so what is that? Around 42 people. Needless to say, it was packed. People were leaving and not coming back. I heard some discussion outside about it being too hot.. but I didn't listen. I had to get home to use the john!! Gross.. I am too open with pooh talk.

Anywho, enough about that. The cool thing about today's class was one of the teacher's, Katherine, was two down from me. I am pretty sure she used to teach at the Cambie Bikram studio and that she is some kind of crazy runner. Anywho, she is awesome because when she teaches at this studio she doesn't let people hold their knees. She doesn't let people leave. She is nice and explains things well but she encourages you not to pussy out and to push yourself. I guess you could say she is more Bikram style than the laid back Yaletown take the easy way out style. I feel bad writing that.. but that is how I feel about this studio. There are only a few teachers that will actually give me corrections and push me. Back at the Cambie studio I had people pushing me all the time. It was awesome. I got good quick. I miss that.

Good night... I hope.. either that or back to the toilet!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Left, Right, Left, Right.... you're toothless.. people say Ms. J is ruthless!!

OK - so I wasn't sure if I was going to blog this 30 day challenge or not.. but I am. I will just print up the blog and paste it into my nerdy yoga/ dance diary after!

Today is day two. Let me give a brief summary of day one: I took the 4pm class with Danny. He is one of my favourite teachers at Westcoast Hot yoga. I had been sick all weekend - well.. the past few weeks but in bed all weekend - so I wasn't feeling too up to yoga.. or standing. But.. it was day one and I had to go. I just said to myself - as long as I go.. I don't care if I just lay there. I didn't just lay there.. but I did lay down after my first triangle - dizzy and nauseous. I picked it back up after the savasana but I left out camel.

I have recently pulled my right hamstring - an old injury from 1988 - but I pulled it again at the end of January. I had 10 laser treatments during February and it has healed up so nice. This is my month for gaining back my flexibility.

OK - let's hit day two!
Today I took the 8pm class with Heather. She is also an awesome teacher. She speaks clearly and travels around the classroom with ease helping out the newer students with their postures. She encourages everybody to push themselves and not just to be satisfied with where they are. (But not too pushy.. although I like pushy!)

Anywho - the class was super packed sardine style. It was hot and I came out like a prune after suction cupping to my soaking, sweaty towel. Eww.. but true. I didn't miss any postures.. I don't think.. wait.. I think I missed one balancing stick.. cause I was blowing my nose.. My hammy - so nice today.. I did standing head to knee with my right leg for the first time since it has been hurt. YEAH!

Besides regaining my right ham flexibility, I am also trying to use my opposite grip - not only for the second set.. but for both... just to make if more comfortable - not noticeable. I figure I have been using it the one way for so long - why just use it every second set?

One thing I would like to get out there... is I wish that this studio would teach the yoga rules. If students aren't taught.. how will they know that they are even being rude? What if they go take a class in a different country? Don't you want them to represent you well? Don't you want those people in turn to want to come to Vancouver and try our yoga studios - speaking highly of our training? Tell the students not to leave before the teacher. Tell them not to make noises in the studio - sighs and bedroom type noises. Tell them not to come late. Tell them not to leave or return and if you have to - do not do so during a posture - especially a back bending one - very dangerous for the other students.

OK - till tomorrow! YOGA NERD signing out!