Friday, March 20, 2009

Day 20 - I took the elevator to the 2nd floor!

Whoa! Today was a STRUGGLE!!! I have no idea why... yesterday seemed like nothing.. and I did two in a row.. but today.. I was struggling! I hated today. Anywho - it is done and there are only ten days left. YEAH! I took Danny's 12pm class. The girl who stands beside the door .. I think her name is Gina.. we had a nice chat today. There is also the girl that looks like Kerry Burgess but with different hair - she is smiley and nice.. and there is the older lady who kicks bikram ass beside me - good people in class today. The two .. I am guessing.. but I think Mexican girls from yesterday were back today too. The one of them is super smiley and tries really hard.

Today was rough for me - I was a bit dizzy so I only did one set of tree, standing bow, standing separate leg, and triangle - then I laid down. I did everything else - but was so sweaty and so hot today - just not into it. I guess it is catching up with me?

When I was walking home.. I was walking SLOW! Then I saw the elevator on M - I went for it. I took the elevator to the second floor - frivolous!


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