Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Class 9 and 10 - Day 10!! FLOW yoga is sweaty!

Today - Tuesday- I took Heather's 6pm Hot yoga and 8pm Flow yoga... both classes were packed! Hot yoga had... 52 people in it? We were all Japanese sandwiches. It was way too hot for me.. and I gave up and made friends with my mat! I did all of the standing series except for tree because that is when the dizzies hit me.

On a good note... my hammy is getting so much better!! I could almost straighten my knee in pada hatasana.

The second class - flow yoga - I have only taken it once before.. but it was good. I didn't remember it being that sweaty.. but again.. there were a lot of people there. I like doing the back bends but I don't like ooooommeeeing... hahhaa.. I didn't oam? ome? Ohm? You know what I mean... it reminds me of the lesbian couple in Costa Rica in the shower... they were Oaming together.. hahahahah.. EWWWWW!!


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