Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day 25 - Happy Birthday Carrie!!!! Birthday Break Dance PARTAAAAAAAY!!!! Awesome Yoga TODAY!! WHOOO HOOO!!!

Today is Carrie's birthday and she brought her grade 3/4 class to my boys' dance class and we had a break dance birthday party. It was awesome! YEAH! I took Angela's 8pm class. I had a great class. I can touch my head to my knee on the right side now. I am so stoked! I think it is because it is an evening class. I have been dancing all day and was pretty warmed up. During the spring break - I would wake up and the first thing I would do was yoga and I would be stiff and crunchy - but then again - some days I did two classes and I still couldn't touch my head to my knee on the sore hammy side. Maybe I am just getting better!! NO WAY!! YEAH!!! WHOOO HOOO!!! Class was easy and fun today.. well not fun.. but because I wasn't struggling it was fun! I had Jacqui beside me... one of the teachers.. and she has dope star tattos on her feet.. and that just made me happy the whole class.

Five more days!!!!!!!

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