Monday, March 16, 2009

Class 16 - Day 16... Mantra: Relax, Focus, Strength/ Spring Break List

I am sitting in my comfy bed, with a slurpee, and I keep plugging my nose and blowing cause it is plugged with sweat... and I just want it to unpop!! I love Katherine's classes - she is my favourite teacher .. and I think it is because she used to teach at the Cambie studio. She rocks. She ran on a 5km on Saturday in the rain, wind, cold - and she had a mantra that repeated over and over in her head so that she would continue and not quit - and that was relax, focus, strength. I like her mantra. I should try to think of my own though. Today, two classes felt like it was a bit much. Maybe because I did them so close together.. maybe I was just pooped.. maybe I was just thirsty??? Anyways - done and tomorrow is another day.. I am going to try to do two again.. but hopefully farther apart. I will wake up earlier. I need to make a list for spring break too.. of all the things I want to do.. before spring break is over and I don't get any of it done! Maybe I will do that now.. right here:

OK -
Clean the house
Choreograph the Monkey dance
Choreograph the Jay-Z dance - and fix the music.
Get new yoga shorts
Get new running shoes
Go for a run
Go to Harbour
Download books with Dad in Langley
Hang out with Belle
go to the dentist
Download new music
Download ABDC

I think that is it!!! That is a lot.. I better get on that!! TOMORROW!!!

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