Saturday, March 7, 2009

Day 7 - I wish I could download my brain...

I think of so many good things to write when I am laying there in yoges.. and then when I get back here I just want to get it over with and eat.. or run out the door.. or .. I don't know.. and then I can't remember all the good things that I wanted to say. If I could just download my brain when I got back.. it would be so much faster. I betcha one day we will be able to do that. I remember when I used to run a lot - I would choreograph music videos in my head - those would have been good to download too. Anywho- Whenever I write anywho I always think of my friend Rachel from Hawaii - we met in Costa Rica and surfed together.. sat behind the waves and had good chats.. I think mostly about Sailor Moon and Sea Turtles - but not the kind of sea turtles that Jason Ellis talks about. Anywho -there it goes again... Rachel passed too early at 21 - fighting cancer... and she had named her cancer TINA.. and she would say, "Tina is growing.. but I am going to kick Tina's fat ass!" Aww.... sad...

So, I took Christine's 8am class today. She is awesome and calm. It is weird how I will write something one day and then the next day it is addressed in some way. For example: Grumpy girl being nice and then today Christine spoke a lot about focus. At the very start she told us to pick something to focus on - like our breath. Then during savasana she reminded us about focusing again. Just what I needed... except for.. I kept thinking about focus and how I couldn't focus yesterday and then what make me not focus and how I could fix that and then all the times today I was not focussed and what I was thinking about during those times... which is really not ... focussed!! hehehe! Today I was thinking about: My grip - it is good to reverse your grip and I was thinking I have done it the one way for so long why don't I just do it always reversed for a while till that way feels normal and then go back and do it one side one way and the other the other? Then I was thinking is that right or should I just switch back and forth everytime? Then I was thinking about doing the 2pm class because then I could party tonight and not worry about tomorrow - It is Crystal's birthday and that will be a gong show..and I would like to be a gong in that show.. not try to be good!! She also is going to dress up - so I thought.. maybe I should do that too. Then I thought my feet will get cold. Then I thought I will dress up as long as it doesn't snow. Then I thought I would rather be comfortable and no one will expect be to dress up anyways. Which made me really want to dress up and feel pretty and look pretty. Then I thought about what I was going to wear and I remembered those high heels hurt my feet and I feel like a clip clop horse walking in them. But then I thought.. burlesque show.. I could take them off when we are watching the show and be very comfortable. Then I wondered.. about what bra I could wear under that dress... that the straps would match or that it somehow wouldn't be seen... and what am I going to get Crystal for her birthday? I was thinking of going to Beauty Mark or that underwear store by my house.. and seeing what the pretty girls have to say in there.. I am sure they can suggest something Crystallllly... and I can't believe I went this far.. but I thought about my hair and how nice it would be to have soft curls.. and how I could make that happen.. pink rollers from the old days?? I would have to buy a curling iron??? and would I use hairspray? I know why I don't dress up.. it seems like too much work and I have hardly done it.. so it is even harder because I am not good at it! Lastly, I kept thinking about food and what I would eat and when I would eat.. so I could make it back in time for the 2pm class. I only have pasta at my house.. I want other stuff.. but I don't feel like shopping.. I will just eat pasta... now that I think of it I am starving now.. I am going to go and eat.. but you can see how FOCUS.. in yoga class is something I REALLY need to work on!

O ya.. here is the RYE RYE dance I couldn't stop choreographing in my head last night at yoga:

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